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Experience The Benefits of Cupping Therapy Lexington KY

Cupping Therapy Lexington KY: All About Cupping Massages

Cupping massage therapy is an ancient massage technique that is great for releasing tension and pain in the muscles. Massage Strong offers professional and affordable cupping therapy in Lexington, KY that helps individuals of all ages feel healthy and pain-free. Unlike normal massage therapy, cupping uses negative pressure to relax the muscles. Normal massage therapy applies pressure directly to the muscles while cupping therapy draws the muscles and tissue upward using small suction cups on the skin for 5-20 minutes. The benefits of cupping therapy are incredible and range from muscle relaxation to lymphatic drainage. 


Massage Strong wants to break the stigma around massage therapy that describes it as an expensive luxury. Massage therapy is a form of mind and body maintenance that can help to relieve areas of constant tension and pain without needing to take medicine. The massage specialists at Massage Strong are carefully selected, highly trained, and well-educated in anatomy and physiology to understand how the human body reacts to massage therapy. We’re a small, family-owned massage therapy business that is passionate about providing massage therapy specific to each individual’s needs. We want our clients to feel confident and comfortable on our massage tables, and leave feeling stronger, more energized, and pain-free. 


To learn more about cupping therapy in Lexington, contact us! To make an appointment, click below!

cupping therapy Lexington KY

What Our Clients Think

Amazing place! The space is clean, my therapeutic massage, from Rosa, was fantastic. The pressure used was perfect and she was extremely attentive to my verbal concerns & cues, also responsive to my physical concerns and cues as she worked on the body. The environment was welcoming, warm, safe, sanitary, clean & extremely customer friendly. My experience was phenomenal, the pre appointment scheduling & communication was easy, flexible & customer friendly. Thank you a great place, staff, and business.

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Had a great experience! The therapist listened to my needs and I left feeling much more relieved of pain and much more relaxed! I have already scheduled another appointment and will be making massage therapy more of my regular routines with Massage Strong. Thank you for being the professionals in deep tissue massage as it is so true and I am thankful to have found a talented therapist such as Trevor!

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Courtney Jones

I had waited quite some time with pain in my neck before finally getting a massage. It was the best money that I’ve ever spent and I really should not have put it off for so long. Regular massage and self-care is important to both my mental and my physical health. Meggie did a fantastic job and I look forward to coming back to my next appointment.

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Shellie Fuqua

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Caroline Powell

Is Cupping Therapy Right For Me?

Cupping therapy is a safe massage therapy option for everyone. The most common side effects of cupping therapy are simply the red marks, or circular discolorations, that goes away after a couple of days. If you have specific medical issues such as anemia or hemophilia, you may need to talk with your doctor before considering cupping therapy to make sure that you won’t experience other side effects. 

Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient technique that has been used for a long time to provide a number of great benefits to individuals. Famous athletes, such as Michael Phelps, use cupping therapy to help their muscle recovery, but cupping therapy is also great for individuals who aren’t athletes as well. Here are just a few benefits of cupping therapy: 


  • Softens tight muscles

  • Opens lymphatic pathways

  • Brings hydration and blood flow to body tissue

  • Cellulite reduction

  • Reduces inflammation


Cupping therapy in Lexington from Massage Strong provides a number of great benefits to help individuals live healthier and pain-free lives. If you’re looking for a way to loosen muscles, enhances blood flow, or relieve localized, specific pain, consider cupping therapy from the specialist at Massage Strong. 

cupping therapy, person with cups on back getting cupping massage therapy

After receiving cupping therapy, it’s important to take care of your body in order to enjoy the health benefits of the cupping technique. Follow these cupping after-care steps after each of your cupping therapy treatments:


  • Hydrate well! Drink lots of water to help flush the toxins out of your body. 

  • Don’t shower immediately after the treatment.

  • Keep the cupping areas warm and covered. 

  • Don’t drink alcohol in order to help the toxins flush out of your system. 

  • Make sure you rest and listen to your body. It’s normal to have flu-like symptoms the next day, as this is a sign of your body flushing out the toxins that were released from the cupping session. Rest and eat healthy to help your body recover. 

What to Expect After Cupping Therapy

Cupping Massage Pricing

Give the gift of pain-relief, comfort and rejuvenation with a Massage Strong gift card. Gift cards are available for any amount, and are redeemable at both of our locations in Lexington and in Nicholasville, Kentucky. 

Our pricing is guided by our mission, to provide high quality, affordable massage therapy to Lexington, KY. One of our clients’ experiences expresses our mission perfectly: 


"I do not look at deep tissue massage as a luxury item. It is by far the only route I have taken that has given me such significant relief in my low back pain. I get two 90-minute massages per month, and to me that's just what I consider my "pain-free" monthly bill. I will gladly pay my pain-free bill each month in order to function fully and feel completely human again."

60 Minute Massage (Cupping) | $105

90 Minute Massage (Cupping) | $150

120 Minute Massage (Cupping) | $195

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