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Deep Tissue Massage Lexington KY - Number One Trusted Source for Pain Relief

Deep Tissue Massage Lexington KY

Massage Strong provides top-quality and professional deep tissue massage services in Lexington that are not only relaxing and therapeutic but also work to relieve pain in areas of tension and discomfort. For years there has been a stigma around massage therapy that pins massages as a luxury expense. The team of deep tissue massage specialists at Massage Strong is committed to changing that. We believe that massage therapy is not a luxury service limited to spas and resorts, but an essential, everyday therapy for pain management and body maintenance. 

Each of our deep tissue massage specialists in Lexington is carefully selected, highly trained, and well-educated in anatomy and physiology to understand how the human body reacts to massage therapy. As a small, family-owned massage therapy business, we are passionate about providing massage therapy that is specifically tailored to each individual and backed by knowledge and researched techniques. You can be sure that every time you schedule a deep tissue massage with us, you’ll receive excellent service and pain-relieving results. 

Click below to request an appointment. Whether you’re a professional athlete looking for pain relief in areas of serious muscle tension, or you have a job that requires you to be on your feet all day or even sit all day, our deep tissue massages in Lexington, KY can relieve pain and tension while giving you a therapeutic space to unwind. Don't let shoulder pain, back pain, or neck pain dictate your lifestyle. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment to pain relief. 

What Our Clients Think

I have had massages with many therapists at Massage Strong and all of them have been incredible! These are quality deep tissue massages. My boyfriend also goes and loves them! We both do heavy weight lifting at the gym and these are crucial for our recovery!

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By far one of the best massages I have received. Kara tailored the massage to my specific injury site. I will be a repeat customer and have told many friends they need to give Massage Strong a try. Best deep tissue massage around.

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I had an amazing experience here. Staff is helpful and knowledgeable. My deep tissue massage was tailored for myself and I could feel the weight off my shoulders (literally). Benjamin was professional and created a great atmosphere.

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Annaka Hoffman

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Jeffrey Key

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Corinne Willmerdinger

What to Expect

Deep tissue massages from Massage Strong are focused on muscle restoration and relieving areas of pain or tension in the muscles and tissue. A deep tissue massage applies sustained pressure using slow and deep strokes that target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues. This slow pressure helps to break up scar tissue that can be formed after an injury or lots of tension, which can help you feel pain-relief and greater flexibility. Many athletes incorporate our deep tissue massages into their recovery process for injuries and sprains as it can help to promote faster healing, increased blood flow, and reduced inflammation.

Deep tissue massage Lexington KY

Individuals who are forced to be on their feet, or at a desk, all day at work also incorporate our deep tissue massages into their monthly wellness routine in order to relieve lower back pain, leg pains, and improve mobility. No matter why you’re in need of a deep tissue massage, you can expect to leave feeling healed with less pain and a greater functionality in the typically tense areas of your body.  

For a deep tissue massage session at Massage Strong, you can expect excellent service in a relaxing and comfortable environment. There’s no need to bring anything special with you, just arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time to give you time to fill out some brief paperwork. Your deep tissue massage therapist will greet you in the lobby at the time of your appointment and discuss with you your massage therapy needs as well as your goals for the deep tissue massage

Once you have communicated your concerns and areas of pain, the massage therapist will lead you to a private therapy room and leave you for a few minutes so that you can undress to your comfort level and get on the massage table. You can leave your clothes on during the deep tissue massage, but most people undress to their underwear and lay under a sheet. 


During the massage, feel free to communicate with your massage therapist if any specific area is hurting you so that the specialist can be more careful in areas of bruised muscle or tissue. Typically, we will perform a full body massage and put extra focus on high tension areas. You are not required to get a full body massage. If you prefer just a back massage or prefer the session to focus solely on one area of concern, our knowledgeable therapists will guide you through the process that they will use to relieve your pain. After the massage, the therapist will leave the room again for you to get dressed and then guide you back to the lobby area. 


Our team understands that many first-timers can feel anxious about the process of massage therapy, so each massage therapist works hard to create a professional and hospitable environment where each client can feel comfortable, relaxed, and well taken care of. 

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

The benefits of deep tissue massages extend to both psychological and physical effects that can help you to feel more relaxed and with a greater range of mobility. The slow and deep massage technique of a deep tissue massage focuses on relieving muscle pain and improving areas of stiffness, while the time spent relaxing your muscles can help you to unwind mentally as well. Benefits of massage therapy include back pain relief, neck pain relief, shoulder pain relief, and pain management for all other areas of highly used muscles in your body. 


Deep tissue massages can help with health concerns too


  • Fibromyalgia 

  • Tennis Elbow

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Lymph fluids circulation

  • Anxiety

  • Stress-related insomnia

  • Soft tissue strains

  • Digestive Issues

  • Headaches


To fully realize the benefits of deep tissue massages, we recommend incorporating this wellness service into your monthly schedule. Even with just two deep tissue massages a month, you can start to feel healthier and pain-free without the use of pain medications and surgeries. Massage Strong is committed to providing Lexington, KY with massage therapy that is affordable and can be easily incorporated into their lifestyle in order to help individuals realize the pain-relieving and life-improving benefits of deep tissue massages

Deep Tissue Massage Pricing

Our pricing is guided by our mission, to provide high quality, affordable massage therapy to Lexington, KY. One of our clients’ experiences expresses our mission perfectly: 


"I do not look at deep tissue massage as a luxury item. It is by far the only route I have taken that has given me such significant relief in my low back pain. I get two 90-minute massages per month, and to me that's just what I consider my "pain-free" monthly bill. I will gladly pay my pain-free bill each month in order to function fully and feel completely human again."

60 Minute Deep Tissue | $90

90 Minute Deep Tissue | $135

120 Minute Deep Tissue | $175

See our full pricing list of all massage services

Give the Gift of Massage Strong

Give the gift of pain-relief, comfort and rejuvenation with a Massage Strong gift card. Gift cards are available for any amount, and are redeemable at both of our locations in Lexington and in Nicholasville, Kentucky. 

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